Corona crisis: Stephanie Stumph wants to "use time wisely as a gift"


The effects of the corona virus, which continues to keep Germany in suspense, have a significant impact on the everyday life of many people. So also that of actress Stephanie Stumph (35, "Der Alte"). But she wants to use the time in the Corona crisis: to slow down. "I completely unpacked my suitcase for the first time," said Wolfgang Stumph's daughter (74, "Stubbe – from case to case") in an interview with the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung". In the special situation, she doesn't have to commute between different cities all the time, but can stay in her native city of Dresden for a long time. In her original homeland, where she has been living for four years, the 35-year-old sometimes feels "a bit dead".

In the corona crisis, it was therefore important for Stumph to create a regular daily routine with a clear structure. "I feel a bit slowed down and definitely have to be careful that I don't see this as a holiday on the sofa now, but that I continue to work creatively and use the time as a gift wisely to create something. And if there is at least one Instagram live- It is a sports session that is now being offered everywhere, "the" Der Alte "actress told NOZ. Stumph was "very grateful" especially for the digital possibilities on the net. "I am touched by all the living room concerts that are now taking place on social media."


Shooting with "Wolfgang" is scheduled for July

Since the shooting of a new "Stubbe Special" with her father is to take place in the summer, Stephanie Stumph also hopes that the situation will improve as quickly as possible. Incidentally, she no longer only addressed her father, Wolfgang Stumph, with "Papa", but also with "Wolfgang". Many years of working with him are to blame. "For me it's about working with my father and not always wanting to say" dad "on the set. That is why it crept in," reveals the actress.