Corona curfew: Please! Finally curfew !!!


I know that I'm sure I'll step on the tie with my opinion. But I still want to shout it out loud into the world: "PLEASE! FINALLY BLOCKED THE EXIT BLOCK !!!"

Those who understood your speech, Ms Chancellor – even before you delivered it – have long given themselves curfew. Yourself, your children, and maybe even your unreasonable parents. The problem with this is that we are running out of arguments as to why we are taking such drastic measures. We are smiled at when we cancel appointments. We get mocking looks if we keep our distance …

We are in need of explanation

How should I explain to a 14-year-old that she can no longer meet anyone if all her friends are allowed to continue as before? How do I hold a 6-year-old back when children are standing outside the door asking if he wants to play with them? How am I supposed to keep myself from becoming a self-righteous monster when I impose these really tough measures on my family for the good of the common good and watch out of the window of the same general public as they clump together in the café opposite?

I don't want to be like that

Every day I notice how I am mentally changing more and more into the Stasi. I am not proud of it, but in my head there are really adult insults, whenever I see the unreasonableness in my face. When I hear that my aunt goes shopping with my 90-year-old grandma. "Nothing is happening." When young people chill on the football field, close to each other. After all, they're young. When friends tell me that they are now organizing entire private kindergartens because otherwise the children will go crazy … I fight against being so self-righteous, I don't want to get so upset about other people's affairs. But then I speak on the phone to my sister who works in the emergency room and is completely finished. "I don't want to watch people die without being able to do anything," she says. "I don't want to have to tell anyone that we have no capacity to help, so please stay at home!"

Maybe some people need more clarity

The fact seems after the practical test of voluntariness: Some people need clear announcements. Controls. Limitations. Yes, personal freedom is a valuable asset that should not be restricted simply. But we are long past "just like that". Everywhere on social media, media, doctors, nurses, celebrities and politicians appeal to common sense. Perhaps this is too much for some because they don't have one. But maybe not everyone can get as much information as they need to REALLY understand where we are. Whatever the reason for all this unreasonableness: Since it does not work, people have to make decisions that overlook the situation. And at best, that should be our politicians.

We can still make it

The struggle is not yet lost. We can still manage to keep the curve flat if everyone adheres to the restrictions, says the head of the WHO. Therefore: PLEASE! FINALLY INITIATES THE EXIT BLOCK BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Common sense seems to be used up, the tone becomes rougher, the mood more heated. The curfew will be tough, it will be very tough, I know that. But that's why we will never convince everyone to volunteer. That is where we need clarity now.

We will get our freedom back. If we take the situation seriously enough, we will also share it with our parents, grandparents and all the people with pre-existing conditions who could otherwise lose their lives in this crisis …