Corona current: 106-year-old is the oldest survivor

Time for good news! In England, a 106-year-old woman won the fight against the corona virus. Connie T. from Birmingham is the oldest survivor of Covid-19.

"I'm very happy that I fought the virus. I can't wait to see my family again"Connie told the NHS. The eight-time great-grandmother was hospitalized with symptoms of pneumonia in mid-March. A short time later the diagnosis was made: Connie suffered from Covid-19.

The 106-year-old is said to have recovered from the coronavirus infection within less than three weeks. Now she is officially healthy again – and thus a small sensation in her home country, where she now even has a few fans. When Connie was released from the hospital, doctors and nurses applauded. The NHS has now published the video of their release on the Internet.

106-year-old survives Corona: the secret of her health

Whether cycling, playing golf or dancing, Connie was very active throughout her life, reports her granddaughter. This also presumes this as the secret of her old age – together with the independence of her great-grandmother, who always wanted to keep it:

She always cooked for herself – although from time to time she is not averse to a McDonalds meal. I haven't told her yet that they're closed.

Connie was born in 1913. So she not only experienced the Spanish flu, but also two world wars. But nothing got her down: "She is impressive and our family cannot wait to see her again," enthuses the granddaughter.

Nothing stands in the way of this now: Connie has been officially tested negative. We wish her all the best – and that she can eat a burger with her family again soon.