Corona current: 81 infected people after the outbreak in the slaughterhouse

There was a corona outbreak in a slaughterhouse in Sögel. Over 80 employees are infected – with consequences for all residents.

Another corona outbreak, again in a slaughterhouse: the corona pandemic is rolling across Germany at full speed again. Now a community in Lower Saxony is affected: Sögel is struggling with tightened corona measures.

81 people infected after the corona outbreak in Sögel

The reason for the stricter rules is an outbreak in a slaughterhouse. At the Weidemark slaughterhouse, 81 employees have now tested positive for the corona virus. This exceeded the critical limit of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within the last seven days.

Residents of the entire Emsland district are now struggling with the consequences of the corona outbreak. In order to curb the spread of the corona virus, the measures have been tightened again. As reported by the NDR, among others, only six people are allowed to meet in the community of Sögel, both privately and publicly. Exceptions are close family members and meetings with a maximum of two households. Even planned events such as weddings should still be able to take place with restrictions on the number of people and the serving of alcohol.

The increasing number of infections is also noticeable in schools: In the community, pupils and teachers at secondary levels I and II must wear mouth and nose protection in class until the autumn holidays. School sport was canceled for the time being – as were other contact and team sports.

The new general decree for Sögel is initially valid until October 19. The infected and contact persons from the slaughterhouse are said to be currently in quarantine. The approximately 2,000 employees of the company are now to undergo regular corona tests – whether further positive cases will follow remains to be seen.

It is not the first outbreak in a slaughterhouse since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Reasons are assumed to be poor working conditions or the ventilation system – one way or another, the corona crisis also brings the grievances in German slaughterhouses to the surface.