Corona current: Angela Merkel comments on corona plans

When is the corona crisis finally over? When can we live normally again? These questions currently affect the whole of Germany and all people worldwide. Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke on Monday, April 6, 2020, at a press conference on the corona plans of the German government. In doing so, she has declared herself a possible end to the shutdown. These are their positions on three key points of the corona crisis:

What does Angela Merkel say at the end of the shutdown?

Angela Merkel sticks to the restrictions on public and economic life until April 19 and still doesn't want a fixed date for a possible return to public life call. However, it makes it clear that there are constant discussions about how an end to the shutdown can be possible.

"As soon as the health situation permits, we will basically return to free life as we know it. What we had, what we were proud of, we naturally want to achieve again. But we have to do this with a view to endangering human lives. Do not think that as a politician it is easy for me to have to do this together with others. We would have liked to have spared ourselves that, but that is what the circumstances required. "She further explains:" At the moment we cannot give the all-clear. It would be really bad if we went forward too quickly to have to take everything back "- if there were more deaths again.

The number of infections must be reduced so far that one is certain that the health system will not be overwhelmed. "I already said in my podcast at the weekend: We would be a bad federal government if we didn't think day and night about how we can reopen public life while maintaining health protection. But I would also be a bad chancellor if I gave a date now."

Health protection will always be a priority when opening up public life. "And even if one day it happens, it will be like this: We continue to live in the pandemic, the virus will not be gone. "

When creating a strategy, doctors, sociologists and economists would have to be consulted. "We cannot yet tell you what conclusions we will draw from this, but it will be a phased approach. "

Angela Merkel also expressly thanks all of the people who are currently adhering to the exit restrictions: "I am very grateful that so many people are willing to adhere to these very, very hard rules, especially in the nice weather, because they know that it will save lives and make life easier for doctors and nurses. "

What does Angela say about a general mask requirement?

There are currently no concrete plans for the introduction of a mask requirement for all citizens, but it sounds like it could come soon.

Angela Merkel says: "We listen to the advice of the experts again and again. This opinion is changing now, and we will not oppose it". However, should a mask be required, it is very important, according to the recommendation of the doctors, to take good care of the masks.

For example, the masks should not be worn for too long. It is also important to wash the masks regularly, to iron them hot or to heat them in the microwave or in the oven.

5 Wear a respirator

What does Angela Merkel say about quarantine plans for all travelers?

The free movement of commuters should continue to be possible, said the Chancellor. However, protection must continue to be provided. That is why all Germans, EU citizens or people who have lived in Germany for many years should go into quarantine at home for two weeks after spending several days abroad. The government is now proposing this procedure to the federal states. The requirement should apply to all entries – whether by car, train, boat or plane.

One reason for these measures is that the Robert Koch Institute will in future no longer name individual risk areas. "The RKI now sees the whole world as a risk area".

Due to the corona pandemic, people who are not permanently resident in Germany have only been allowed to come to Germany for a "valid reason" since mid-March.

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