Corona current: Do I have to wear respiratory masks?


Reduce contacts to a minimum, stay at home – sit out the situation. The ban on contact and the exit restriction are the measures taken by politicians to best limit and delay the spread of the coronavirus.

But everyone is currently wondering how to protect themselves, but also others, from the corona virus. Anyone who leaves the house for occasional shopping, doctor visits or errands will notice: More and more people are wearing breathing masks. Is that necessary? And should I now wear a mask as a precaution? Dr. asked us these questions Thomas Voshaar, Chairman of the Board of the Pneumological Clinics Association (VPK) and Chief Physician of the Lung Center at the Bethanien Hospital in Moers, answered while we were talking about a shopping guide during Corona times.


Breathing masks as corona protection? That's what the doctor says

Dr. Voshaar, should I wear breathing masks now when I go outside, for example shopping?

"For me there is currently no reason for this. Measures are being taken. Therefore there is no reason for people to wear masks for their own protection. We are talking about normal life here, of course it looks different in the hospital. But in normal Life should avoid any unnecessary contact with people anyway. "

What if I want to protect others?

"The most important thing: If someone has symptoms, they should be so sensible and not infect others. But that also means: Don't go shopping. If you go for a walk, you go alone and only where he doesn't meet others. If there is no avoiding going out, going shopping because there is no neighbor, child or relative: Then he would have to put on a mask so as not to infect others. "

But to protect yourself, nobody in Germany has to wear a mask outside of the health system. Otherwise, walking around with a mask as we see it on TV or in films is absolutely not necessary.

Breathing masks for your own protection? No, to protect others

What about self-made breathing masks?

"I say that if the masks go out completely, it could even be a substitute for patient transports and old people's homes and such. You can sew very thick masks, but only if you have the appropriate fabric and use them in multiple layers."

So: No, you don't have to and shouldn't put on a mask to protect yourself. But: to protect others. Some people carry the corona virus unnoticed – and continue with it. However, we do not need any medical masks that belong to the health system as I said. Are we just going to make one ourselves?

Here you can find out how to sew a face mask.

source used: Dr. Thomas Voshaar