Corona current: Doctor gives purchase rules for Corona protection

The cases of coronavirus infections in Germany are increasing every day. Angela Merkel explicitly calls on citizens to avoid social contacts. The corona crisis divides society – while some are still carelessly celebrating corona parties, others voluntarily quarantine. Where do both camps meet? In the supermarket – because everyone still needs food. Even if there is still no reason for buying hamsters, you should rethink your shopping behavior at the moment.

Many people gather in shops. It's important to keep your distance. But how do I really protect myself against the corona virus when shopping? Dr. Reveal Thomas Voshaar. He is chairman of the board of the association of pneumological clinics (VPK) and chief physician of the lung center at the Bethanien hospital in Moers – and explains to us the shopping guide during Corona times, in which caution instead of panic applies.

Expert tips: How do I protect myself from Corona while shopping?

Dr. Voshaar, how and when can I go shopping safely at the moment?

"Of course it is the case that you touch a lot in the shops. So you should plan that you don't have to go to shops too often and that now really only those who have no symptoms should go out.

If I'm already positive or just have symptoms, I shouldn't go out. But this also applies to a cold and the flu. Then another family member should go shopping. "

And when I go shopping – how do I protect myself?

"Of course, shopping trolleys, baskets or doorknobs in shops are touched by many people. Then When you come out, it is really advisable to disinfect hands if you have something available. Then I would use it immediately, before you get back into your car or bus or something. But at the latest when you get home, before you take off your jackets. First, put the bags in the corner, and then go wash your hands very carefully twice. You say yes for 20 seconds, and I say the best thing twice:

  • The first time for the rough dirt,
  • then a second time and then dry well.
  • If you put the groceries away, go back to washing your hands.

It's all done quickly and well, and that's about it. By the way, you should of course wash your hands before leaving the house. "

Let's go back to shopping itself – people hide behind scarves and gloves. What does it do?

Gloves always signal: 'I only think of myself, but not of the others.'

"If you are wearing the gloves, you can distribute all kinds of things everywhere. We strictly reject this. For heaven's sake, people shouldn't wear gloves.

And that with the scarf: Yes, man, so if someone wants to do that, you can do it. Such a scarf actually protects a little if you put it on twice. But above all, so that you don't infect others. You can't prevent yourself from inhaling something, but something infectious comes out. "

Should I wear face masks if I want to protect myself?

There is absolutely no reason for people to wear breathing masks for their own protection in normal life, with the measures being taken now. You should avoid any unnecessary contact with people.

"And if someone has symptoms, they should be so sensible and not infect others. That means they shouldn't go shopping. And if it couldn't be avoided at all, then they would have to put on a mask. But to protect yourself, nobody has to wear a mask outside of the health system in Germany. "

How about the food? Can the corona viruses transmit if I cook with them?

"The risk is low. Viruses don't last very long on surfaces. I really think that washing fruits and vegetables is good – as always. And then you have to wash your hands again before cooking – as always."

Thank you for your valuable tips, Dr. Voshaar!

source used: Interview with Dr. med. Thomas Voshaar