Corona current: First curfew imposed in Bavaria


In the wake of the corona crisis, she has been under discussion for a few days. Now Bavaria is the first federal state to impose a curfew. Prime Minister Markus Söder announced in Munich.

Bavaria: 14-day curfew

Previously, exit restrictions had already been decided for some districts, including Mitterteich. Now these apply to the entire federal state and come into force from midnight on Friday. The curfew was initially imposed for two weeks.

Markus Söder announced the decision at a press conference in Munich, which is said to have been unanimously approved by the state government. The reasons included not only the rising number of infections and deaths in Germany, but also the behavior of citizens who had not sufficiently followed the recommendation of social distancing.

"Our top priority is to protect people, sometimes from themselves," said Söder, according to "Der Spiegel" at the press conference. Medical care is still guaranteed, and citizens are also allowed to leave the house for the way to work – but only if it cannot be done from home. Visits to hospitals and nursing homes are also prohibited, except for palliative cases and births.

As the Tagesschau reports, among others, people face fines who do not adhere to the curfew. Restaurants should also remain closed until further notice, except for delivery services.

Other federal states are currently discussing possible exit restrictions.

source used: The mirror, daily news