Corona in Texas: Only necessary interventions

This is to ensure that all Covid patients can be adequately cared for, said Governor Greg Abbott in a letter to the hospital association on Monday. The Ministry of Health will also endeavor to recruit medical staff from other states to care for corona patients, it said. Disaster control is also to reopen infusion centers where patients can receive blood plasma treatments.

The situation in Texas has worsened significantly due to the particularly contagious delta variant of the corona virus. In the state with 29 million inhabitants, an average of around 12,000 new corona infections were recently reported per day, as data from the authorities show. According to this, around 9,000 Covid patients are currently being treated in hospitals. The Republican Abbott has made corona requirements, such as masking compulsory, illegal in the state. In Texas, around 44 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, and nationwide the vaccination rate is 50 percent.