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Carragelose nasal spray could protect against Covid-19

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According to a new study, special nasal sprays with the active ingredient Carragelose could protect against Covid 19 infection. What’s behind it?

The vaccination rate is stagnating, the number of infections is increasing and the cold season is just around the corner: It currently looks as if we are facing another hard Corona winter. And again we ask ourselves how we – apart from a vaccination – can protect ourselves from infection with Covid-19. According to a new study from Argentina, a nasal spray with the active ingredient Carragelose, which is obtained from red algae, could help.

Antivirals from the red alga

In the study The focus was on around 400 participants who had daily contact with Covid 19 infected people. Half of the test subjects used the nasal spray with Carragelose four times a day for three weeks, the second half a placebo. It turned out that the active ingredient can develop an antiviral effect in human cells and is safe and well tolerated. The result is consistent with previous laboratory studies that were carried out independently of the current study. “Together with the clinical examination, they create the basis for a solid scientific justification that Carragelose has a clear effect against SARS-CoV-2,” said the virologist Professor Ulrich Schubert about the result.

Please prevent!

Precisely because it is to be expected that the number of infections will continue to rise in the next few months, we should use all possibilities to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. The German Society for Hospital Hygiene has actually been recommending the use of a nasal spray with Carragelose to hospital staff working on Covid wards since December 2020.

Apart from the newly discovered effect of Carragelose against the coronavirus Previous studies have already shown that the active ingredient can also be used against other cold viruses. Professor Schubert: “On the basis of in vitro data, I am convinced that the widespread use of Carragelose sprays is justified and in any case has a benefit. On the one hand, there is the practically side-effect-free effect against the pandemic coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, for which we Now we have good laboratory data and the first positive data from clinical studies. On the other hand, Carragelose is also effective against all other cold viruses and there is extensive evidence of this from the laboratory and from clinical studies. Each prevented or shortened cold reduces the overall burden on our health system. “

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