Corona news: when is the corona virus over?


We are in a state of emergency, life is no longer what it was two weeks ago. Video calls instead of chatting in the coffee kitchen, romping in the garden instead of meeting friends in the playground, watching TV instead of partying with the others.

Life changes in many areas

The corona crisis and the associated call to no longer leave the house changed our lives. And on many different levels:

  • Some of us have serious concerns about getting Covid-19 ourselves
  • Others fear for their loved ones, for parents and grandparents
  • We have the feeling that we will soon get a storage bug from crouching
  • The self-employed and small entrepreneurs fear for their existence
  • Thousands of workers are worried about their jobs
  • Above all there is a feeling that "the world will never be the same again"

When you look at the calendar, it's hard to believe: Most of us have only been living under the influence of the corona virus for a few days – a week or maybe two. Four weeks ago there was a carnival, three weeks ago we were all in clubs and bars and two weeks ago shopping was carefree.

Now the question arises: When will our life become "normal" again? When can we enjoy life as we know it again? Will it ever be like "before" again?

The answer is clear

There is an answer to all of these questions. The answer is clear, unambiguous – and yet it will not satisfy many of us. Because the answer to the question of when our life will become "normal" again is: Nobody can know!

Yes, it's tough, but it's true: No one knows how long our lives will remain limited. Nobody can say when the shops can open again. It is completely unclear whether we will be back to normal in a few weeks, months or maybe years.

What experts can tell us – and what not

Yes, there are assessments from experts who can say when they think the virus is defeated. There are doctors and researchers who make projections, there are experts who have an opinion on the economic situation. But there is nobody who knows all the factors, can take them into account and can tell us if and when everything will be as it was before.

Is that bad news? No, because there is something else in the message: namely that we should not think twice about when things can go back to normal, but rather put our energy into ensuring that this time is as soon as possible. Because we can all contribute with our behavior to get this crisis over with soon.

You know the recommendations: stay at home, keep your distance, wash your hands … And who knows: maybe this crisis will be over as quickly as it started. That is not certain, but: In the current situation, nothing is certain …