Corona, nuclear power, Microsoft: These changes in April are important

Every month there are innovations that are important for citizens. In April, among other things, rail travel will be possible with the 49-euro ticket, which will be introduced as the successor to the successful 9-euro ticket. All employees can also look forward to more net income with the same gross salary.

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Changes in April 2023: The 49 euro ticket is available

The successor to the 9-euro ticket has been discussed for a long time, and now the 49-euro ticket finally has an official start date: from May 1, 2023, the ticket is valid throughout Germany for all local and regional transport companies. Unfortunately, the ticket cannot be used on express trains such as the ICE, IC or EC, nor can other people be taken along.

The 49-euro ticket will be available online from April 3, 2023 and in all usual sales outlets. This ticket should be a financial relief for most train passengers and commuters, since most monthly tickets are significantly more expensive.

New from April: More net with the same gross salary

All employees and civil servants are happy about these changes, because from April 1, 2023 they will receive more net with the same gross salary. The reason for this is the changed processes for wage tax deduction. From April 1st, all employers will have to take into account higher tax allowances for employees. The increase in the employee lump sum is set at 1,230 euros and the relief amount for single parents at 4,260 euros. As a result, less tax is paid and a little more is transferred to the net.

Change from mid-April 2023: Nuclear power plants will be shut down

April 15, 2023 will be the end, when the last active nuclear power plants will be shut down. The running times of Emsland, Isar 2 and Neckarwestheim 2 were extended at the end of last year. The continued operation was justified by the energy crisis triggered by the Ukraine war. With the generation of electricity by the nuclear power plants, the power supply should be stabilized over the winter. According to Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke Nuclear phase-out final in April .

Changes to the Corona Protection Ordinance from April 2023

The nationwide Corona Protection Ordinances will only run until April 7, 2023. Until then, certain protective measures will still apply, such as wearing FFP2 masks in healthcare facilities such as doctor’s surgeries, hospitals or care facilities. Countries can also issue specific regulations to protect vulnerable groups.

However, due to the good development of the corona numbers and courses, many measures have already been abolished. It is not yet known whether further innovations and changes will be made by the federal government after the expiry of the protection ordinance.

New from April: More money for painters and varnishers, temporary workers and employees in the main construction trade

From April, the minimum wage for the painting and varnishing industry will change. The hourly wage for journeymen will be increased from the current €12 per hour to €14.50. Helpers receive a minimum wage increase to 12.50 euros.

Temporary workers can also look forward to a wage increase. The collectively agreed minimum wage, which will be EUR 13 per hour from April 2023, is new.

Wages for employees in the main construction trades rose by 2 percent in April in the west and to 2.7 percent in the east. In addition, there will be a one-time payment of 450 euros for all employees in May.

Changes in April: Microsoft raises prices significantly

Microsoft’s cloud products will be around 11 percent more expensive from April 2023. The company justifies the price increase with a global harmonization of pricing. Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 as well as Microsoft Defender and Teams are affected. In the future, consumers will also have to be prepared for the fact that Microsoft will carry out a price increase every six months.

New from April: Elster-Smart will be replaced

Since 2015, consumers can use the Magpie app do everything to do with taxes. Elster-Smart is required for authentication, with which the authentication certificates are transferred. Takes over from the end of April ElsterSecure the authentication, which becomes much easier. The app can now be downloaded free of charge from the Appstore. Elster-Smart can then no longer be used for Elster.

Change from April 2023: Berlin crime scene will be reoccupied

A new face will be seen at the Berlin crime scene as early as Easter. Tatort fans can look forward to Corinna Harfouch, who will be investigating Meret Becker’s successor together with Mark Waschke in April. On April 9th ​​and 10th, Tatort will be running with the new cast.

New from April is the closure of the Arlberg Tunnel in Austria

The Arlberg tunnel in Austria will be closed for around 6 months as part of necessary renovations. There should be massive restrictions for travelers during the summer holidays if they have to go through the tunnel. It is therefore recommended to calculate with significantly more time or to take alternative routes. The lockdown will have no effect for the Easter holidays as the lockdown will only take effect from April 24th.

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