Corona study: This vaccine had the most breakthroughs in infections

Corona death
This is how high the risk of death is for those who are fully vaccinated

Even if it is the exception: Even vaccinated people can get seriously ill with Corona.


With the number of people vaccinated, the number of breakthroughs also increases. But how high is the corona mortality among the fully vaccinated? A study has now found that out.

None of the currently approved vaccines provide 100 percent protection against severe corona disease. While a large proportion of the fully vaccinated corona infected people feel no or only mild symptoms, in very rare cases the course of the disease can be life-threatening. But how high is the risk for that?

According to the study: This is how high the corona mortality is among those vaccinated

Scottish researchers have now examined the corona death rate among fully vaccinated Scots. You can find out the results of the study and what most of the deaths had in common in the video.

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