Corona-Tief: The tips of the editorial team

Do you still know back then, in early March 2020? When we got up in the morning, got ready and then left the apartment? Bring children to daycare or school, go to work and look forward to a lunch date with your colleague? Our everyday life is different at the moment. Anyone who can make it possible works and stays at home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, thereby relieving the strain on our healthcare system and the people who work outside for us.

First and foremost, it is of course a great luck to be able to continue your job at this time in your home office! But, as many people feel, it can be difficult to motivate yourself. Always the same couple of walls and people around you, dress nicely or something. appears superfluous and instead of faces you look at the screen non-stop. There are also fears, sadness, compassion and insecurity. All of this can pretty much take your drive and promote a depressed mood.

To counteract the lack of drive, the majority of experts recommend making a very specific plan for everyday life at home. For example, set the alarm clock to 7 a.m., from 7.15 a.m. to 7.25 a.m. morning shower, get dressed, have breakfast at 8 a.m., do nothing from 8.15 a.m. to 8.45 a.m. and ponder about life, etc. Find inspiration on what your plan might say you in our articles "ideas against boredom", "tips against loneliness" or "tips for the home beauty routine".

We also collected the measures that editors in our home offices protect us from the Corona low every day. Maybe some of them will help you too.

Corona-Tief: The tips of the editorial team

1. Fresh air

"Take a breath of fresh air once a day. Yes, I know it's hard to go out if you already (or still …) are wearing your jogging pants. But I force myself to go out into the fresh air once a day and WITHOUT people , say, take a lap in the allotment garden. Alternatively, open the windows and balcony door wide and try to catch a few rays of sunshine. Motivated immensely! "

2. Yoga

"Listening to podcasts and doing yoga. I am listening to a lot of podcasts and honestly? You have nothing to do anyway! So I use the time to do yoga or back exercises."

3. Music

"Basically, I can't work without music – I just don't enjoy writing it. Now that I work alone in my home office, that's even more so. Above all, because the music motivates me to get up more often and do a bit of it I like to forget that you have to move more often when I am immersed in my work. So I recommend simply turning up the music and letting yourself be carried away by the rhythm – then everything works! "

4. Live creatively

"Creative projects help me: When sewing or painting, the hours just fly by – and you quickly forget everything around! And then I'm happy about the result. And if you don't like painting or can't sew: there are enough other DIY projects ! You always wanted to try macrame, mosaic or printing techniques? Now is the time! "

5. Full program

"I am somehow not sluggish, but super productive, which is probably an indication that my methods work well: I treat myself to a first coffee in bed in the morning and check the emails. Then I set as many 'appointments' as possible: phone calls, skype lunch breaks with the team, an afternoon stroll while I'm on the phone with my family and a sports session every evening via skype or as a youtube workout.Then I phone again with friends and very importantly: stand at 9pm I – like almost all of Eimsbüttel – on the balcony and clap for a minute for all those who are currently running our health system. "

6. Active pause

"Force yourself to take breaks and then take action (exercise, go out, tidy up)."

7. Sun.

"My tip against the corona sluggishness: sun! Even if you can no longer spend so much outside. A short walk (with a safe distance!) Or just 10 minutes of sunbathing on the balcony (if you don't have a balcony: open the window and stick your nose out!) Works wonders for the mood. And you replenish your vitamin D stores! "

8. Vitamins

"My recipe for the Corona low is green smoothies. Now that I work from home, I have time to mix myself a healthy drink. What I put in it? Corn salad, apple, raw broccoli, ginger, mint, turmeric and Spirulina algae. Yummie! Makes you awake and fit for the day! "

9. Sports

"Nothing boosts my mood and refills my energy stores better than sport. A light stretch workout immediately after getting up and 30 minutes of power workout during lunch break – I love it! This makes me feel balanced and relaxed. I also notice how I’m getting better every day. At the beginning I had to replace the plank jumps with mountain climbers and pause in between, where there was no break, so I’m going to follow the tutorials without any problems. I can soon increase the level of difficulty. "