Corona vacation for parents: This is how the extra childcare time works

Corona vacation days for parents
You need to know that about the additional childcare days

Completely at the end: The new regulation should now relieve parents.


The federal government has decided that in times of crisis parents are entitled to additional vacation days for relief – see who is allowed to take it and how it works!

Lockdown and children are often a worse mixture of nitro and glycerine – and that is somehow understandable: After all, in most cases they have had no contact with other children for weeks, learn via school server and video chat without much room for personal inquiries and are inevitable largely left to their own devices while mom and dad work. While last spring, thanks to the good weather, there was at least the possibility of letting the children romp around with a sense of proportion in the park or garden, the current ban on contact means almost permanent room arrest – also for the parents. If you add in the fact that it is simply impossible to work full-time at home at the same time and to do the entire job as a teacher or educator (both of which are full-time jobs, not without reason), it is not surprising that many parents are desperate are on the verge of total collapse. But a new measure by the federal government should provide some relief here.

Children's sick days, even if the child is not sick

If the care of the children cannot be guaranteed in any other way, parents can now take days off – this is made possible by additional children's sick days, which have been organized in consultation with the statutory health insurance companies. The title is a bit misleading, because parents can take advantage of these days in the corona crisis even if the child is not sick but "only" needs care (and parents know all too well what is behind this inconspicuous "only" in Reality hides). Parents can now dedicate 20 days to look after their children, and single parents have even 40 days. In the video from you can see in more detail how the additional days for childcare work.