Coronavirus: Babies and children particularly contagious

New study
Coronavirus: Babies and children are particularly contagious

The coronavirus study shows that many parents should act urgently.


A Canadian study has shown what has long been suspected: Children, especially babies, are increasingly contributing to the spread of the coronavirus.

Somehow it’s obvious: masks, distance and hygiene rules are impossible for babies and toddlers to adhere to – and at the same time they have much more close physical contact than other people. It goes without saying that these are of course the best conditions for passing on a virus that spreads through the respiratory tract. With a view to the parents, the experts have a clear recommendation.

Coronavirus in babies: This is why the virus spreads particularly quickly

The sad result: around a quarter of all infections examined were caused by children who had infected other members of the household. With a view to the upcoming autumn-winter season, there is therefore an urgent recommendation to all parents: “Everyone, especially everyone over the age of 45, is urgently advised to take a very serious look at whether they really do not want to be vaccinated “, says Charité researcher Christian Drosten.

Source: RTL