Coronavirus: faced with the Omicron variant, should restrictions be introduced for Christmas?

The Scientific Council called on the government to introduce “significant restrictions” in the face of the risk of transmission of the epidemic during the holiday season.

In a notice published on Saturday, the Council considers that “significant restrictive measures must be able to be taken by the authorities on the occasion of New Years Eve (including where appropriate in the form of limitation of collective activities or curfews) , with the possibility of a territorial variation ”.

The evening of December 31, where partygoers are traditionally more exuberant, worries the body responsible for giving recommendations to the executive with regard to knowledge about the epidemic.

While “our fellow citizens will be keen to spend this Christmas party 2021 in a more limited number”, according to these experts, “for the New Year’s festivities, the Scientific Council warns of the behavior of citizens which could be different with a more or less controlled festive activity ”.

Paris cancels its December 31 fireworks display

He “would like an approach to avoid that on New Year’s Day, a series of mini-clusters is set up at Omicron, which could rapidly disseminate in the days that follow throughout the country, given the population movements during this period ”.

The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, had already underlined this risk by recommending Friday to the town halls to give up the concerts and fireworks of New Year’s Eve. He announced that the consumption of alcohol on public roads would be banned throughout France that evening.

Saturday morning, the town hall of Paris canceled the fireworks and concerts planned on the avenue des Champs-Élysées on New Year’s Eve.

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