Coronavirus: How Anthony Fauci Brings Trump On Line Without Flying Out

Since the corona crisis hit the United States, Donald Trump has been in front of the press in the White House almost every day. The US President does not always take the truth very precisely. So he downplayed the seriousness of the situation for a long time, claiming that Covid-19 was no more threatening than an ordinary winter flu that would take care of itself quickly and that the virus was under control. When it became clear that this was not the case, Trump announced that he had recognized and pointed out the danger weeks ago. In addition, China was to blame for everything anyway, because it was so secretive and made the country's corona problems public three to four months late.

Immunologist Anthony Fauci advises Donald Trump

Trump is almost always flanked by Anthony Fauci in these press briefings. The director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Rockville, Maryland, is a member of the pandemic-fighting task force founded by the United States government. In this capacity, the 79-year-old repeatedly had to correct Trump's misinformation about the outbreak. In an interview with the science magazine "Science", Fauci has now told how he performs his role as the voice of reason in the White House without losing his job.

"I'm kind of exhausted. But otherwise I'm fine. I mean I'm not, as far as I know, infected with the corona virus," Fauci said when asked by "Science" editor Jon Cohen about his condition, adding with a laugh : "As far as I know, I wasn't fired."

And the scientist also explained how this came about: "Well, that's pretty interesting, because in order to save his honor: Even if we disagree on some things, he listens," said Fauci about Trump. "He goes his own way. He has his own style. But when it comes to content, he listens to what I say."

If the president makes false claims like the one about China's secrecy, he then turns to Trump's environment, Fauci said. "I can't jump in front of the microphone and push it down," said the scientist. That is why, in the case of China, he told the relevant people that the president's accusation would not go because September was two or three months earlier. These people would then point it out to Trump at their next meeting and say, "Mr. President, be careful about it and don't say that."

"I can't do the impossible"

When asked that Trump continued to shake hands diligently at a press conference in the White House rose garden, Fauci said he also told the task force that nobody should shake hands. And he told the staff. He also constantly asked whether it would not be possible to hold virtual press conferences. "But when you're dealing with the White House, sometimes you have to say something one, two, three, four times and then it happens. So I'll keep pushing."

Fauci is also aware that it makes a strange impression when he asks the citizens not to gather in groups anymore, while he stands close together on stage with the President and numerous other people and journalists are present in rows. "I know that. I'm doing my best. I can't do the impossible," he complained.

The scientist also does not like the fact that Trump calls the corona virus the "China virus" because he blames China for its spread. He assured himself that he had never used this term and would never do so.

But Fauci also knows what he is Not can say if he wants to keep his job. When Cohen asked him about a moment at Friday's press conference where Trump jokingly alluded to the conspiracy theory of the so-called "Deep State", an alleged state in the state that is trying to hinder government work, and Fauci then appeared to be desperate about his face rubbed, the scientist replied only: "No comment".

Source: "Science"

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