Coronavirus how is the symptom of covid tongue manifested


You knew the classic symptoms identified by the Health Insurance, but the coronavirus does not cease to reserve surprises. So what is the Covid language?

We knew cough, fever, fatigue. Loss of taste and smell (called ageusia and anosmia respectively if you want to look learned). Hair loss could be a symptom, which is also rarer. You will understand, we are obviously talking about the signs of a Covid-19 infection here.
Some symptoms are even rarer and at the very least surprising. Thus, Covid-19 can affect the fingers, by discolouring them. It can even cause what is called the Covid Toe. The body's immune reactions can lead to a kind of frostbite, which consists of affected blood vessels.
A rare new sign has been brought to light by Tim Spector, an English epidemiologist. This researcher from renowned King's College London is also director of the ZOE COVID Symptom Study application, on which infected patients enter all their symptoms. This is how he was able to observe the prevalence of the "Covid language". What is it ?

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As seen in his tweet of January 13, 2021, this is unusual swelling of the tongue. It may also have sudden rashes.
These unusual symptoms and absent from the official lists concern one in five patients. Tim Spector's recommendations are clear and unambiguous: "If you have any strange symptoms, or even just a headache and severe fatigue, stay home!"

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