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Coronavirus News: Consumer advice center warns of Corona funds!

While the majority of mankind are currently watching the increasing number of infections with the coronavirus with increasing concern, there is another part that specifically uses this fear. There are false reports circulating on social media, which even experts face in times of crisis – and stir up uncertainty among the population. Now employees of the consumer advice center have their say. They warn of alleged corona drugs that are offered on the Internet.

A drug or vaccine against the coronavirus does not yet exist. If other people say otherwise, it may generate a spark of hope – but it is not the truth. Many people in the district of Lower Saxony and Brandenburg had to find that out. They received information about a new type of globules via an e-mail distribution list, as the Brandenburg Consumer Center reports. This should produce antibodies against the new coronavirus and thus reduce the risk of infection.

Annett Reinke from the Brandenburg Consumer Advice Center now makes it clear on her website:

There are currently no medicines that can prevent disease with the novel corona virus. Advertising that suggests something like this is misleading. We condemn companies that take advantage of the current situation to pull money out of their pockets with unsettled statements or fake news.

At the same time, the consumer advice center issues a general warning about food supplements that are said to have an effect against the coronavirus. It is forbidden to associate preparations with an effect that they do not have at all.

The following applies to the corona crisis: stay vigilant. A pandemic should not be used as an advertising medium – and consumers should not be unsettled. Even if the latter is not always easy: If you want to be sure, you can always contact the consumer advice center at any time.

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