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Coronavirus News: Psychologist Reveals Home Office Errors |

And suddenly it is possible: The corona crisis has catapulted people into home offices across Germany. Even industries that have previously resisted working from home are sending their employees into their own four walls.

The new and, above all, rapid changeover does not only entail technical hurdles. Because sometimes workers get in their way without realizing it. The situation is unusual – and harbors a lot of stumbling blocks at the beginning.

Because while you suddenly sit in sweatpants with a cereal bowl on your lap in front of the laptop, you may initially welcome the new home office. After a while, however, there is a queasy feeling that is difficult to grasp. Some feel a certain lack of drive, others have the feeling that they take their work to bed far after work.

The top mistake in the home office during Corona times

In many cases, this is due to a small mistake, as the psychologist Ms. Freitag tells us: eating at work. Oops. The crumbled cheese bread gets stuck in our throats. Isn't that the nicest part of your home office – looting the fridge from time to time whenever you feel like it? Not correct! It actually hides a fundamental problem. According to Ms. Freitag, the number one rule is:

The most important thing is that you keep your daily structure: that you set fixed times. That you separate your work and private life, even when you are in your home office.

And what can this separation look like?

By maybe setting up an office where you can don't eat but makes private life and eating in another room.

Well, who still feels caught? The reason for the separation is actually quite obvious: This is the only way to keep a structured day for yourself – it is just as important for adults as it is for children – you cannot go and do not sink into the quarantine blues. The strict separation of eating and working also reduces the risk of working significantly more in the home office and missing breaks. Because at the latest hunger stops us from working overtime…

Incidentally, we also exchanged ideas in the editorial department – and these are our tips against the Corona low

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