Coronavirus: No easing of measures before April 20


When can we go back to normal? At the moment, this question is of concern to all of Germany. However, it is now clear: not before April 20. Until then, all measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic remain in force in their current form, the affirmed head of the Chancellor's Office, Helge Braun (47) in an interview with the "Tagesspiegel".

"We are not talking about any relief until April 20," said the CDU politician. Until then, all measures that came into force two weeks ago would remain in place. However, a decision as to whether the last Sunday's contact block imposed for at least two weeks will be renewed has not yet been made. They will "discuss with the Prime Ministers in the course of the coming week, what will happen after the next Sunday, April 5".


After Easter you know more

Immediately after Easter, one would be able to say what will generally happen after April 20, says Braun. But he had the impression that people in Germany would "follow the rules in an exemplary manner". "And that's why I'm convinced that we'll see their success in a few days," the politician says confidently.

What measures apply?

In general, with an exit restriction here in Germany, no more than two people may be together outdoors – unless they are relatives from the same household. The minimum distance to other people should be at least 1.5 meters. Exercise and exercise in the fresh air are also permitted as long as they do not take place in groups. Playing with your own children or going for a walk with your dog are also allowed. In addition, you can leave the house if you: have to work or provide emergency care for the children, for shopping, for a doctor, for the necessary appointments and exams or if you need help.