Coronavirus: Stéphane Plaza makes his apartment available to health personnel: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

For several weeks now, and more than ever, health personnel are on war to care for those who may have contracted the coronavirus. While hospitals are sounding the alarm by announcing that they are short of beds and staff, another worrying thing: how nursing assistants are managing the situation in the private sector! If they are applauded every evening at 8 p.m. by the population, they face serious problems …

Driven out by neighbors anxious to catch the coronavirus, too far from their place of work and therefore tired by a long journey by car or by various means of locomotion … This is the reason why Stéphane Plaza spoke on his Instagram account and first wanted to thank them. "Thank you, many thanks to our caregivers, and all those who are in contact with the sick, and to our shadow heroes : cashiers, delivery people, garbage collectors, those who clean, those who repair, and all those who work, "he noted. And to continue:"All of these people are taking risks and moving away from their own families to help us. "

A strong gesture!

The animator of House for sale (M6) has recalled : "Stéphane plaza immobilier or not, everyone can participate in their own way in this surge of solidarity, by trying actions for them. The most important thing to help: STAY AT HOME!"and make an incredible announcement. Stéphane Plaza has decided to offer his "vacant apartment for health staff." "When someone helps you when they’re also in trouble, it’s not help, for me it’s love,"he justifies himself. An adorable gesture that touched his subscribers.

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