Coronavirus: These stars have survived an infection

These stars survived an infection

Seriously ill: Actress Alyssa Milano and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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Some famous people got infected with the coronavirus. These stars have survived an illness.

The year 2020 was dominated by the coronavirus and the global pandemic. Celebrities were also affected by the virus. Stars like Tom Hanks (64), Alyssa Milano (47) or Oliver (42) and Amira Pocher (28) reported that they were sick and recovered.

Celebrities in Germany

Oliver Pocher's wife Amira (28) announced on March 19 that she had been infected with the virus. A few days later, the comedian announced that he had also tested positive. The two were among the first celebrities in this country to make an infection public and share their experiences on Instagram with their followers. After a 14-day quarantine, the couple spoke about the disease on the RTL program "stern TV" in early April. With Amira Pocher it "started sometime in the evening with a dry, irritating cough", she reported there. Both would have lost their senses of taste and smell for about seven days.

TV presenter Johannes B. Kerner (56) was also infected in spring, in mid-March. On March 23, his quarantine was lifted by the Hamburg health department. At a similar point in time, "Bachelor in Paradise" participant Rafi Rachek (30), Cascada singer Natalie Horler (39) and two participants in "The Masked Singer" were also infected …

The vocal show had to pause for two weeks because a crew member was infected with the virus, it said at the time. In the final of the show at the end of April, winner Tom Beck (42) and singer Gregor Meyle (42) declared that they both had the virus. Meyle said that the last few appearances on the show were particularly difficult for him as he was still suffering from breathing problems at the time.

Hollywood stars

In Hollywood, Tom Hanks (64, "Forrest Gump") and his wife Rita Wilson (64) were among the first known victims. The couple became infected in Australia, where they tested positive on March 11 and then went into quarantine. On March 29, both were allowed to fly back to their US homeland. In July, the actor spoke about his infection in an interview with the British newspaper "The Guardian". He suffered from "debilitating body aches" and could not concentrate on anything, whereas his wife lost the sense of taste and smell and had a fever far higher than he. However, both were fine again at the time of the interview.

In the course of the year, numerous actors and singers reported a corona infection. Among them were singer Pink (41), whose son was also infected, actors Idris Elba (48) and Mel Gibson (64). Hugh Grant (60), Neil Patrick Harris (47) and husband David Burtka (45) were also affected.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (56) was hit particularly hard among politicians. At the beginning of March, he joked about the virus and said that he consciously shook hands with every patient in a hospital – even corona patients. A few weeks later the politician fell ill himself. After about a week in which he reported mild symptoms, the 56-year-old had to go to a hospital, where he was temporarily in the intensive care unit. He later admitted: "I know how severe the disease is, I just got away with it."

Johnson's course in the pandemic changed as a result. A U-turn that failed to materialize with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (65) and US President Donald Trump (74). They also played down the virus and eventually fell ill themselves. After both of them had survived the mild course of the disease according to their own statements, they explained to the citizens that they should not be afraid of the virus.

German politicians were also infected with the corona virus. Green politician Cem Özdemir (54) and CDU man Friedrich Merz (65) were among them in mid-March. At the end of October, Health Minister Jens Spahn (40) and his husband Daniel Funke (39) tested positive for the virus. Spahn suffered from cold symptoms, whereas Funke remained symptom-free.


Members of the royal families also contracted Covid-19. In the British royal family, the corona infection of Prince Charles (72) was first known. He had tested positive for the virus at the end of March and then withdrew into quarantine. The disease progressed with mild symptoms and soon afterwards the heir to the throne was able to attend royal appointments again. In April, his son Prince William (38) is said to have been infected with the virus, as reported by British media in October. Officially, however, the royal family's illness has not been confirmed.

Prince Albert II (62) of Monaco was affected almost at the same time as Prince Charles. He has had the virus since March 19. His quarantine ended on March 31. By then he was fully recovered. And there were also corona cases in the Swedish royal family. The royal couple Carl Philip (41) and Princess Sofia (36) tested positive for the corona virus in November. This was announced by the royal family on November 26th. Later the contact persons for King Carl XVI. Gustaf (74) and Crown Princess Victoria (43) tested. However, their tests were negative.

Serious illness

The US actress Alyssa Milano (47, "Charmed") had to struggle with a particularly severe course of the disease. She became infected with the corona virus in late March and later shared the extent of her illness with her fans on Instagram to draw attention to the dangers of the disease. She wrote in a post: "Everything hurt. Loss of smell. I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't keep food on. I lost four pounds in two weeks. Me was confused. Slight fever. And the headache was hell. " In October, she reported that she still had symptoms – she had difficulty concentrating, had problems with her short-term memory and suffered from severe hair loss.

Actress Lena Dunham (34) also reported very severe symptoms during her corona illness in March of this year. It wasn't until August that she announced that she had suffered for over three weeks. She had a high fever, difficulty breathing and exhausting fatigue. On Instagram, she told her fans that she "even as a chronically ill person" had never experienced anything like this. The actress suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.