Corruption: the PS president of Pyrénées-Orientales indicted

Hermeline Malherbe has been indicted and placed under judicial supervision as part of a vast investigation into suspicious public contracts.

By VD with AFP

Hermeline Malherbe, president (PS) of the department of Pyrénées-Orientales, was indicted and placed under judicial control.

Ihe PS president of the Pyrénées-Orientales departmental council, Hermeline Malherbe, has been indicted for “favoritism, passive corruption, passive influence peddling and illegal taking of interests”, Agence France-Presse told Agence France-Presse on Wednesday. prosecutor of Marseilles. Hermeline Malherbe, indicted on May 16, was placed under judicial control, with a ban on leaving the national territory, said prosecutor Dominique Laurens.

According to France Bleu Roussillon, which revealed this indictment, as part of an investigation into the suspicious award of public contracts, Hermeline Malherbe and her husband are notably suspected of having benefited from discounts on work carried out in their home. by companies also working for the HLM office of the department, chaired from 2015 to 2021 by Hermeline Malherbe herself.

“No impact on my mandate”

On her Facebook page, the president of the departmental council specified that she had been heard in the context of this investigation by the interregional jurisdiction of Marseille (Jirs), specializing in the fight against organized crime and financial crime. “This has no impact on my tenure as chair of the department. […] We will do everything we can to bring the light to light. Anxious to let justice do its job, I will not speak on the subject outside of this statement, ”she wrote again.

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