Corsica Libera denounces the “parody” of negotiations with the State

The independence party Corsica Libera, which has only one elected member of the Assembly of Corsica, denounced “the parodyof the ongoing discussion process on the future of the island between Corsican elected officials and the government. “No substantive proposal is on the table“, he regretted Monday, September 26 in the evening in a press release.

The independence party claims to want “the success of a real political process which guarantees the existence of the Corsican people on their own land and the exercise of all their national rights, including that of access to sovereignty which is an imprescriptible right“. “However, this ambition for Corsica forces us to judge harshly the parody of the process currently underway, while all the other participants in these discussions are trying to artificially maintain the illusion of a historical under the banner of autonomy without Corsican people, without powers and without contours“, he added.

Corsica Libera calls for the repeal of the “Darmanin-Simeoni protocol signed on March 17“, which specifies that “the measures envisaged cannot lead to create two categories of citizens””. For the independence party, this protocol “is an obstacle to the recognition of the rights of the Corsican people, to the status of resident, to the corsisation of jobs, to the constitution of a legitimate electoral body“. He wants to defend his independence line by doing “a work of internationalization of the Corsican question and by an imperative of mobilization where the youth of this country will have their place“.

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Release of political prisoners

On September 21, six months after the death of Corsican independence activist Yvan Colonna in Arles prison where he was serving a life sentence for the assassination of the prefect Erignac, the youth movement of Corsica Libera organized a rally in Bastia , which brought together 150 people in front of the prefecture and was peppered with clashes between the police and a few dozen hooded demonstrators.

As during the demonstrations last March and April, the demonstrators demanded the release of political prisoners, the recognition of the Corsican people and the “justice for Yvan Colonna“. Following these clashes, the Bastia public prosecutor’s office opened two investigations: one for violence against persons holding public authority and the other for criminal association after the discovery of bags containing painter’s outfits and hammers, transported by a group of young people who had fled.

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