Could Be Published: FBI Review 9/11 Secret Documents

Could be published
FBI is reviewing 9/11 secret documents

Even two decades after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, many investigative files are still under lock and key. The survivors of the victims find it absurd – they have been calling for the secret documents to be published for years. Joe Biden’s government promises more transparency.

The US authorities want to examine the publication of previously secret documents relating to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. As the FBI announced in a letter to the US attorney for the southern borough of New York on Monday, it wanted to examine previously secret documents in order to find “additional information suitable for publication”. These should be disclosed “on an ongoing basis and as soon as possible”.

The FBI announcement comes against the background of a legal battle that has been going on for years between the survivors of victims of the terrorist attacks against Saudi Arabia and other states. Over the years, various US governments had relied on state secrecy in order not to have to publish some documents. However, current President Joe Biden said he welcomed the FBI letter. His government endeavors to “ensure the highest possible degree of transparency within the framework of the law”.

The US is currently preparing for the 20th anniversary of the attacks that killed around 3,000 people. Biden is said to also attend a funeral service in New York. However, relatives of some victims had recently stated in a letter that Biden would not be welcome unless he fulfilled his “obligation”. They suspect the government is holding back investigations linking the terrorist attacks to Saudi Arabia.

Relatives of the victims reacted with skepticism to the FBI’s announcement on Monday: “Unfortunately we have already heard many empty promises,” said Brett Eagleson, the son of one of the victims. The authorities could also release the documents “immediately”, he said.