Could Fishing Become One of the Most Popular Game Genres in VR?

When virtual reality becomes mainstream, it’s likely to lead to a new era for gaming. This was witnessed when smartphones became essential items, as a new brand of pick-up-and-play style gaming emerged on portable devices.
Some genres that are popular on other platforms may not be as widespread on VR because they may not be able to make the transition. One type of game that is likely to be hugely popular, however, is fishing, as this pastime lends itself perfectly to VR.

Fishing Games Available on Every Platform

Fishing is a surprisingly popular genre across the gaming industry, which is why it is likely to easily make the transition to VR. Games about the pastime can be found on every platform, and they are often massively popular. For example, on mobile, there’s a choice of Fishing Clash, Hooked Inc: Fishing Games, and Fishing Break.

The online bingo industry is a good place to find fishing games as well, and these are often included in special offers. For example, when players log on and play online bingo at MrQ, they’ll notice that one of the promotions is 20 free spins on Fishin’ Frenzy: The Big Catch after their first deposit. This game is the sequel to Fishin’ Frenzy and is just one of many fish-themed, reel-spinning games found online.

It’s clear that the fishing genre gives developers a lot of freedom in how they create their offerings. Some games use a more cartoony style, while others are serious. Some titles opt for full-on immersion, while others go for a more entertainment-focused vibe.

Console Offerings Getting Highly Realistic

For people in search of lifelike fishing games that try to recreate the real-world experience immaculately, the console is the best platform. Some of the latest titles have been lauded for their realism and the way they perfectly encapsulate what it’s like to wield a rod in the open water. Some of the best titles include Fishing: North Atlantic, Euro Fishing, and Professional Fishing.

Most critics agree that the most realistic game is Fishing Planet. According to some sites, it’s the closest that you can get to doing the real thing without leaving your home. That means that it’s going to be hard work at times as you try to hook various types of fish, but it can be hugely rewarding when you get a catch.

Fishing Could be a Popular VR Pastime

Many people search for fishing games because they want to get a taste of the real thing, which is why console games like Fishing Planet are so popular. VR will provide people with the chance to experience pastimes that they may not have been able to do before, with fishing being a prime example of one that will be included.

There have already been some forays into VR fishing, with Ultimate Fishing VR and Real VR Fishing as two of the best-known examples. The technology is still in its early stages, but these games have given an indication of how immersive fishing titles could be. They will definitely lead to more offerings in the genre in the future.

VR is all about escapism and trying out things that you may not have been able to do before. Therefore, its most popular games will most likely be based on pastimes. With fishing already being prevalent in the gaming industry, the genre should blow up on VR.