Could Queen Elizabeth II pass the baton on to her son Charles?


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Since October, the Queen of England Elizabeth II has shown herself to be somewhat weakened.

On November 14, she gave up going to a ceremony in London because of a back pain. Queen Elizabeth II has indeed shown some signs of weakness since her hospitalization two months ago. She thus reduced her public appearances to rest more. Despite this, the journalist and writer of numerous books on the royal family, Jean des Cars, is convinced that his “abdication is unthinkable”, he told Le Parisien on November 23. The sovereign had also warned the day of her 21st birthday, April 21, 1947 during a trip to South Africa. While still Crown Princess, she gave a speech broadcast by the BBC to the attention of the people of the Commonwealth. She had promised that “all (s) of life, whether long or short, will be devoted (to) the service” of the people.

A taboo”

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The abdication would even be perceived as a “nightmare” for the queen, even an “absolute taboo in Buckingham”, indicates Jean des Cars. Elizabeth II would undoubtedly be marked by the abdication of her uncle, King Edward VIII. In December 1936, he had relinquished the throne because of his affair with the two-time divorced American Wallis Simpson. Elizabeth II’s father, George VI, had by then become king.

“Elizabeth II will die queen”

Elizabeth II delegated many missions to her son, Prince Charles. If His Majesty were to no longer be able to perform his duties, the Crown Prince would be appointed regent. He would manage the Queen’s duties until her death. But Jean des Cars remains convinced that the sovereign “will never abdicate”: “Elizabeth II will die queen.”

The sovereign is preparing to spend Christmas with her family. The festivities will be held at Sandringham Palace in Norfolk County, north London. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will be present, as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton. Last year, the royal family was deprived of a family reunion due to the Covid-19 epidemic. A happy end to the year for Elizabeth II who will however live her first Christmas without her husband, Prince Philip, who died on April 9.

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