Council of States wants to push the expansion of electricity production

In order to force the expansion of electricity production, the Council of States relaxes environmental protection. For example, a hydroelectric power station in the Greina plain would no longer be out of the question. The opponents hope that the National Council will correct the decision.

The Council of States wants to massively boost electricity production in Switzerland.

Gaëtan Bally / Keystone

Water reserve, solar initiative, replacement thermal power plants, speeding up the approval process: so many electricity projects are currently under way that even parliamentarians find it difficult not to lose track. On Thursday, the Council of States discussed how it intends to ensure the electricity supply until 2035 and beyond. During this time, the remaining four Swiss nuclear power plants will be taken off the grid. The decisions will not change anything for this winter. The changes in the law will apply from January 2025 at the earliest.

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