Couple resolutions: this is what you should plan for the new year


7 good resolutions that you as a couple should make for the next year

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People like to throw away good resolutions in mid-January. However, you should definitely set THESE projects as your common goal. It will definitely be good for your relationship!

Have you made good resolutions for the next year? Sport, less sugar, more time off? Everything is great, but maybe you should add a few more points to your list – with regard to your relationship. As a couple, it is advisable to set a handful of goals for the new year. Simply to keep the partnership alive. We have a few ideas for you.

1. Take a cell phone-free day once a month

No WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter – the day belongs only to the two of you. Drive a day into the countryside or stay in bed the whole time – the main thing is that you don't let any tinkling or beeping distract you.

2. Talk more about sex

What you like, what you want, what you would like to try new … dare to speak openly about your needs. If this is difficult for you at first, you can also write lists that you then exchange. You will find that over time you will become more open about sex.

3. Learn a new hobby together

Whether fencing or dancing, painting or making music: There is sure to be a passion that you share and can practice together once a week. Weld even closer together as a couple!

4. Watch a series

It has even been scientifically proven that watching a series together connects! So: Choose one of the countless programs on Netflix and Co. and have a weekly ritual: the series evening!

5. Meet new people

Sure, you have your circle of friends. But it's good to spend time with other people. Maybe you can find a couple with whom you can do something more often. Simply brings a breath of fresh air into the old everyday structures.

6. Date regularly

What, a date in a longstanding relationship? Aren't you doing something together spontaneously? Sure, but it can be very attractive to meet weekly for a fixed day. Thursday evenings, for example. Go to the movies, the planetarium, swim naked or dance in the rain … do all the things you would do on your first date.

Another good option: Repeat the dates you had in the past and which you enjoyed. For example, what did you do at your very first meeting?

7. Cook more together

Not only because it's healthy to cook fresh, but also because it's great fun for two. Take on a new challenge every cooking evening and try out a completely new recipe. We wish you bon appetit – and a fantastic new year!

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