Covered in snow, the Ebeko volcano erupts

In the Kuril archipelago, the Ebeko volcano erupted, expelling columns of gas and ash.

After a three-month nap, the Ebeko volcano, located on the island of Paramushir (Russia), erupted again. According to the Institute of Volcanology of Kamchatka, the volcano in the Kuril archipelago began to show signs of activity from January 12. On this date, until January 24, it was possible to see fumaroles as well as some ash deposits. It was on February 6 that phreatic explosions occurred in the Korbut crater.

Images, immortalized from Severo-Kurilsk, about seven kilometers from the volcano, have been published by the Institute. A young woman was 1.2 kilometers from the volcano when the violent eruption started. She posted the fascinating scene on her Instagram account. A huge column of gas was visible more than two kilometers above sea level.

No danger for the surrounding inhabitants. Only overhead lines can be impacted by smoke. For now, volcanologists are waiting. “It was not possible to inspect the bottom of the crater on February 5 and 6 due to its high gas content,” they said.

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