Covid-19 and fourth dose: what will France do? Which countries are taking the leap?

Israel, Chile, Denmark or even Spain… The countries are crossing the milestone of the fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19. What about in France and abroad more exactly?

If France is in the process of passing, not without dispute, the course of the third dose of vaccine to fight against Covid-19 since December 2021, beyond the borders, the time is already for the fourth dose. A few countries have started administering it, but under different conditions.

“Too premature” in France

In France, the subject “is only a possibility”, suggested Olivier Verran at the end of December, who, for the moment, seems to be betting more on collective immunity. Asked about the subject Tuesday, January 11 by LCI, the ministry replied: “The fourth dose, it is still under discussion, it is still too premature to comment on the subject”.

Moreover, in France, the fourth dose is only possible in one case: for an immunocompromised person, who has not produced enough antibodies after the third dose.

Israel, Chile…

Abroad, the fourth dose was not long in becoming official. As in Israel, the first country to open the ball. Faced with Omicron, the government gave the green light to inject a fourth dose to people aged 60 and over on January 3. Monday, January 10, in Chile, immunocompromised people over the age of 12 and whose last injection dates back more than four months, were called upon to reach out to be vaccinated, or around 130,000 people, according to ministry figures. of health.

For fragile people

The Danes have just made the announcement. The country announced on Wednesday January 12 that a fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine will be offered to the most vulnerable people.

Thursday, January 13, two other countries followed suit: Hungary and Spain. For Hungarians, this fourth dose will be available to people who request it, after consulting a doctor, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s chief of staff, Gergely Gulyás, according to “The Guardian”. And for Spain, only to vulnerable people.

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