Covid-19 at school: child contact case, the test protocol lightened, understand everything in an infographic

Since Friday, January 7, the rules of protocol at school have been relaxed. Let’s take a look at an infographic.

Since Monday, January 3, 2022, new rules have been put in place for people who test positive and for contact cases. Different rules depending on whether the person is vaccinated or not. Likewise, rules have been announced for children under 12. But only four days after their implementation, these rules were lightened because too restrictive for parents, forced to run from pharmacy to pharmacy, to perform tests and buy self-tests, which have become rare.

The cycle of 3 tests is valid for one week

For children who test positive (vaccinated and unvaccinated), the isolation period is 7 days, reduced to 5 days after a negative test on the 5th day and in the absence of symptoms for 48 hours.

For children in contact (vaccinated or unvaccinated): no isolation. A PCR or antigen test should be performed immediately. A self-test must be performed on the 2nd day then another on the 4th day. Parents must provide a sworn statement that the tests have been carried out. If the tests are negative, the child can go back to school. The novelty is in one sentence: this cycle of 3 tests is valid for one week (even if the child is again in contact). This should allow parents to avoid a few morning visits to their neighborhood pharmacy.

The protocol has been relaxed for children under 12


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