Covid-19: hospitalizations still on the rise

French hospitals welcome 25,389 patients with Covid-19. A week ago, around 19,600 Covid patients were hospitalized

The pressure due to the fifth wave of Covid-19 is further accentuating the hospital, which has more than 25,000 patients, including nearly 4,000 in critical care, according to figures released Tuesday, January 11 by Public Health France.

Cap of 400,000 cases already reached

The number of new confirmed cases stands at 368,149, a new record if we take into account only the statements communicated each evening. But these data can be reviewed by the health authorities, who have thus established a posteriori that the milestone of 400,000 new cases (409,370) had been crossed on January 3.

By calculating the average of the daily contaminations over the last seven days, which makes it possible to smooth the gaps, the number of Covid cases reached 281,965, against 167,338 a week ago.

The infections have increased dramatically under the pressure of the variant Omicron, which is extremely contagious. But it turns out to be less dangerous than the previous variants of the virus and Covid patients infected by Omicron stay in hospital for a shorter period of time than patients infected with Delta, according to the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

Resuscitations on the rise

French hospitals welcome 25,389 patients with Covid (compared to 22,749 on Monday), of whom 3,149 were admitted within 24 hours. A week ago, around 19,600 Covid patients were hospitalized.

The number of patients also continues to increase in critical care, which treat the most serious cases, especially in intensive care, with 3,969 patients (3,904 the day before), including 492 new admissions. This closely watched indicator has continued to improve since the start of the fifth wave of the Covid epidemic in France, last November.

In 24 hours, 270 people were killed by the disease, bringing the total number of deaths to 125,988 since the start of the epidemic.

Regarding vaccination, 53.3 million people have received at least one injection (79.1% of the total population) and more than 52 million are fully vaccinated (77.2% of the population). At the same time, nearly 29.4 million people received a booster dose.

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