Covid-19: “I have become the one who makes children cry to test them”, warns a pharmacy assistant

In an open letter, this young woman challenged the government by delivering a poignant testimony of her daily life

Cries and tears that echo in his ears every day. Since the change in health protocol in schools, this pharmacy assistant believes that “nothing is going right”. Every day, she tests dozens of children who “cry, struggle, scream at death, are forcibly held by their parents.”

In an open letter posted on Instagram on Sunday, Lara calls on the government to “constantly changing health protocols” and the consequences this has on the ground. The new protocol, which came into force since the return from the Christmas holidays, plans to keep schools open and requires tests to be carried out three times in four days for each student declared a contact case. “The patients are lost, and so are we. The patients are tired, anxious, angry, nervous, and so am I, ”she says.

“When I leave work, I cry”

“Sometimes the child is positive, and then I see parents panicking, crying, scolding, punishing and threatening the child who ‘did not pay attention to school'”, says the young woman. On the front line, she also faces verbal violence when she refuses to test under these conditions. “Sometimes I get attacked, insulted by all names, the impression of being thrown back to the wolves, because I say no. “

Faced with all this pressure, the young pharmacy assistant is exhausted. “So when I get out of work I cry. I cry to be the one who martyrs children, the one who makes children and their parents cry, the one who has to forcibly test dozens of children when they leave school, ”she writes. “You can’t test an entire school at 7 pm because there is a positive case in all the classes,” she swears. Her cry from the heart has been widely shared and broadcast on social media. In one day, he has already received more than 165,000 “likes”.

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