Covid-19: in the midst of a pandemic are “330 resuscitator positions” vacant in France?

In the midst of the pandemic, there are still several hundred vacant positions in the emergency services. Invited on the LCI set, Bruno Retailleau regretted this Tuesday, January 11 that, “lack of nursing staff”, France cannot acquire more hospital beds to deal with Covid-19. According to the president of the group The Republicans in the Senate, there would be “currently 330 resuscitator positions” which are not filled. What is it really?

In fact, the number of vacant medical posts in intensive care “doubled in ten years”, as regretted last June

seven resuscitator organizations, asking the government to double the number of interns trained in this specialty. An alert which was based on a survey published by the College of Teachers of Intensive Medicine – Resuscitation (CeMIR). Carried out from November 2020 to April 2021 with 299 intensive care units, it represented 85% of the number of beds in the country. However, on this sample, it emerged that a total of “329 resuscitator positions are not filled in France”.

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