Covid-19: Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne salutes the patience of nightclub managers


Support measures that last. special guest ofEurope Morning Weekend Sunday, the Minister of SMEs, Tourism and French Nationals Abroad Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne confirms that “teleworking has had an impact [négatif] on a certain number of businesses”, such as restaurateurs. This is why the government is supporting “restaurateurs in particular with dedicated aid to cope with loss of turnover” due to health constraints to fight against Covid-19 . The minister responsible for small and medium-sized enterprises also announced aid for them last week, alongside Jean Castex.

Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne affirms that “as long as the restrictions are there, we continue the support and aid systems because we want to preserve jobs”. The minister is also pleased that “France is bouncing back faster and stronger economically than its neighbors” since, according to him, it “has always protected businesses”.

Hundreds of nightclub bankruptcies

According to the latest government schedule, nightclubs will be able to reopen on February 16. They have been closed since December 6th. There were 1,600 nightclubs in France in March 2020, there are now 1,350 left. “We have also put important safety nets there”, assures the minister. “Since December, we have also reactivated the support systems”, he explains, specifying that “the systems have been online since January 6” and that the managers “can file their files”. “We are going to be very reactive”, promises Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne.

Referring to a recent meeting with the Lyon nightlife, the minister says that he understands the desire to work for nightclub managers, who “were the first” to do the “sanitary pass check” in order to ” make sure there was no fraud”. He also clarified that the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron took into account their desire to return to work, and not “to be stigmatized”. Discotheques will be able to “reopen at the same time as the others, at the same time as standing consumption, at the same time as the dancing bars”.

A reopening under vaccination pass

Already subject to the health pass, night establishments will have to demand the vaccination pass from their customers as soon as they reopen so that “we can dance again, find sensations that we have not known for a few weeks”, hopes Jean- Baptist Lemoyne.

According to information from Europe 1, some nightclub managers have not been able to compile their financial support file. The Minister of SMEs recalls that they must do “all the work with their accountant” to complete it. For the time being, the Ministry of the Economy Bruno Le Maire has received around a hundred files, processed “as they arrive”. Support all the more necessary in December because “it’s a month when they make a significant turnover” which makes it possible to hold the rest of the year, since these establishments have an inverted season.

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