Covid-19: Jean-Marie Bigard has been contacted by professor Didier Raoult: Current Woman Le MAG


Faithful to his habits Jean-Marie Bigard recently spoke frankly about the health crisis that currently affects France and the whole world. Tuesday, March 24, the humorist posted a video on Twitter which did not fail to make people react. He launched an appeal to President Emmanuel Macron by insulting people who express their concern about chloroquine, this drug proposed by Professor Didier Raoult. Supposed to fight the virus, it provokes a lively debate and causes certain discord. If personalities like Laura Tenoudji encourage specialists to turn to this solution, others are more skeptical. Jean-Marie Bigard came back against them. "It swells me … All the guys who have done everything to block the road with chloroquine, which obviously is still a huge hope.", He explains.

Professor Raoult contacted him by phone to thank him

"Ah yes … They allow it to be used on very serious cases, when the guy is going to die in 48 hours, there they try it. But that's not how you try a product. Professor Raoult says it well: taken very early, as soon as you know, if you have tests, you know that you are infected, 6 days later, the virus, it no longer exists in you ", continues the humorist. Friday, March 27, he said that the now famous doctor contacted him by phone. "Didier Raoult asked my phone for my production, to thank me for simply supporting it. (…) For the moment, I had his assistant (…) and I told him that I was looking forward to talking to Professor Raoult to blame him for my admiration, my love and my sympathy ", he says.


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