Covid-19: new call for strike Thursday in schools, colleges and high schools

A new strike Thursday in schools, colleges and high schools? An appeal has been launched by several unions.

Several unions launched a new call for a strike on Thursday in schools, colleges and high schools after last Thursday’s large-scale movement, to demand “strong responses” in the face of the “chaos” caused by the health crisis, and massive investments. in education.

The FSU, CGT Educ’action, FO and SUD Education unions, as well as the FCPE, the first organization of parents of pupils, and the high school student movements FIDL, MNL and La Voix lycéenne called for “continuing the mobilization”, in engaging “in a new day of action on January 20, including by strike”, in a press release.

Last Thursday, nearly 38.5% of teachers had been on strike in schools, according to the Ministry of Education, while SNUipp, the leading primary union, announced 75% of strikers and one primary school in two closed. In colleges and high schools, the figure is 23.7% according to the ministry, and 62% for the Snes-FSU, the first secondary school union.

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