Covid-19: Olivier Véran describes the “tidal wave” delta and omicron in front of the deputies

The Covid-19 pandemic in Francecase

Heard before the National Assembly Law Commission in a tense climate, the Minister of Health announced that the threshold of 200,000 daily cases had just been exceeded.

First, a figure: 208,000 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 24 hours. This was indicated on Wednesday by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, in the preamble to his hearing by the Law Commission of the National Assembly. This is a new national record, a symbolic threshold reached four days after exceeding – for the first time since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 – 100,000 daily cases. “It means that 24 hours a day, every second, two French people are diagnosed positive”, supported the Minister.We have never known such a situation, there are everywhere, in all territories, all environments, if I extrapolate we are surely at a million infected French people plus asymptomatic people. “

The National Assembly room was well stocked for December 29, some deputies were also present in video, facing a minister who coughs but assures that he is not “not sick”. The draft law on the vaccine pass led to a strong mobilization in an unprecedented context. The bill must be considered in session in the Assembly on Monday and two days later in the Senate. The challenge is for Parliament to adopt it in less than ten days, with a view to the entry into force of the vaccination pass from January 15.

“The circulation of the virus is too strong”

Olivier Véran mentioned “Two enemies” to which we “Let’s face”. On the one hand, the delta variant “Who has not said his last word“: “It is decreasing in some regions but increasing elsewhere. We talk about it less but we have to fight it ”, he insisted. On the other, the omicron variant. Regarding him, the Minister declared that he did not “Would speak more of wave”, “Given the figures we are recording, it’s a tidal wave”. He then addressed unvaccinated people: “There is little chance that you will pass between the drops, the circulation of the virus is too strong”, he hammered.

“Nobody imagined that we would need a new text, but here it is, this is the story of the last two years”, slips a member of the majority from the south of France. The patroness of LFI deputies Mathilde Panot is indignant at being “Summoned between the Yule log and the New Year’s greetings to endorse in record time” this government project. And the “Examination conditions”, in “An undersized room, without any possible physical distancing, CO2 sensors and air purifiers, it is to illustrate, in the Blanquer way, how an omicron cluster can be formed”, sarcastically on Twitter his rebellious colleague Danièle Obono.


More than 250 amendments were tabled for this single meeting, which promises to last late into the evening, before a probably long night on Monday in the hemicycle. The “Irreducible” to the vaccine, identity checks of pass holders, the issue of 12-17 year olds, and even political meetings are some of the questions raised. “We will not oppose the vaccination pass” even if “The temptation is great to transform this vote into a referendum” on the management of the crisis, launches Ian Boucard for LR, to the relief of the majority.

Others are much more critical. The text creates “Two categories of citizens” and “Down with the unvaccinated”, denounces the rebellious Mathilde Panot. Communist Sébastien Jumel taxes the executive“Authoritarianism”. Olivier Véran rejects these “Trial in denial of democracy” or on a “Closure of the country”. After listing the measures taken by neighboring states, he retorts: “When we compare ourselves, we console ourselves”.

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