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One week after the first round of municipal elections, assessors and presidents of polling stations were declared positive at Covid-19.

While confinement was declared, the first round of the elections was, despite everything, maintained on March 15. This government decision has been strongly criticized. President Emmanuel Macron explained in his speech on March 12: "I interviewed the scientists who consider that there is nothing to prevent the French, even the most vulnerable, from going to the polls. " In view of the health crisis hitting the country, the second round, meanwhile, was finally postponed to June. But, for some, the consequences seem to be final. More and more assessors and presidents of polling stations testify on social networks by declaring to have been diagnosed positive at Covid-19. Lightning news for all and revealing the lack of vigilance regarding the decisions taken by the government, according to some.

In Puy-de-Dôme, an elected official who was an assessor at a polling station claims to be contaminated. City mayor Jean-Michel Charlat explains to France 3 : "It is a person at risk who has been infected. She is in solitary confinement at the CHU Gabriel-Montpied and should stay there for ten days. I heard from her, she doesn't have too much fever . "The town hall subsequently advised all those who frequented the polling station in question to monitor their temperature.

"Why were we voted? "

Also in Paris, some presidents of polling stations are positive for Covid-19. Paul Hatte, having worked in that of the 17th arrondissement, spoke on Twitter and said he was infected: "Why were we voted? How many office presidents in my case? What responsible person made us rush headlong towards the virus? "

Others, like Elodie Polaszyk, assessor in a school in the 3rd district of Lyon, are not diagnosed but claim to have the symptoms. Sick since Thursday, she says CNews : "I was in the position where the voters had to be signed, so necessarily close to them" If nothing confirms that these people were contaminated during the day of the first round of municipal elections, the symptoms coincide in any case with the duration of incubation of the virus which would be five days, according to the Pasteur Institute. Some opt for awareness by announcing their state of health, others prefer not to increase fear which could turn into psychosis.

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