Covid-19: the risk of resorting to critical care three times higher against Delta than Omicron

In detail, the data concerning the 491 patients hospitalized in critical care and the 2621 patients treated in conventional hospitalization show a clear increase in the proportion of patients infected with the Omicron variant in conventional hospitalization and until the beginning of January a stability of the proportion of patients infected with Omicron, who remain a very small minority in critical care.

On average, in the last week of 2021, approximately 19% of patients infected with Omicron were admitted to critical care and 54% to conventional hospitalization. In conventional hospitalization, short-term stays represent 43% of stays for incoming patients infected with Omicron compared to 19% for incoming patients infected with Delta.

“We know with enough hindsight now (that the stays are) shorter than with the previous variants”, reported this Monday the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, during a hearing before the senators, noting that Omicron seems to affect the upper parts of the respiratory tract rather (and therefore affects the lungs less than other variants). Hospitalized patients “will have oxygen requirements for three to four days and (…) then will be able to go out”, detailed the minister, pointing out that Omicron “gives less respiratory distress, so it sends patients to intensive care less”.

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