Covid-19: “The vaccine pass makes it possible to avoid confinements and curfews”, according to the deputy Yaël Baun-Pivet

Guest of Radio J this Sunday, the deputy LREM and president of the law committee spoke on the vaccination pass, which must be examined Monday in session at the National Assembly.

The vaccination pass will allow “avoid much more coercive measures“, like “targeted containments” Where “curfews”, Insisted Sunday the president LREM of the commission of the laws Yaël Braun-Pivet on the eve of the arrival of the bill in the National Assembly. The text transforming the health pass into a vaccine pass, examined from Monday in the Assembly and Wednesday in the Senate, is “the right way to do it», She insisted on Radio J.

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Because “if that does not work, much more coercive measures will have to be considered“, like “compulsory vaccination“,”targeted containments“,”back to curfew” Where “new closures“.

“A factually very serious epidemic situation”

With more than 200,000 contaminations per day, “It’s urgent“, Underlined Yaël Braun-Pivet, who wishes for”January 15 at the latest»The entry into force of the new pass prohibiting non-vaccinated persons from access to leisure activities, restaurants and bars and interregional public transport. A negative test will no longer suffice, except for access to health establishments and services.

We have an epidemic situation which is factually very serious, the government and the majority have decided to deal with it very quickly.“, She said, recalling that the commission of the laws met on December 29 for only”the second time in the history of the Fifth Republic between Christmas and New Year“.

A debate of “more than 10 hours”

Facing criticism from the opposition, she declared that “the generalized control company“Evoked by the rebellious deputy Éric Coquerel”only exists in his head“, And judged”ridiculous“Marine Le Pen’s accusations on the electoral ulterior motives that Emmanuel Macron would cultivate.

In the law committee, we debated for more than 10 hours. All political parties were represented, except the National Rally“Which is content, according to her, to be agitated”on Twitter and Facebook“.

Verify identities

The tightening of sanctions and the possibility for establishment managers to verify identities constitute “the best way to combat false passes” which are “in circulation by the hundreds of thousands“, according to her.

These identity checks, “it exists in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, it’s really customary” and “the same thing“Only when a cashier asks for proof of identity to refuse a”15 year old minor buying a bottle of vodka in a supermarket“.

A call for “reason and calm”

Yaël Braun-Pivet is finally alarmed by the threats made in particular by the antivax which target elected officials of all stripes. “Most of us have homes that are under police surveillance. I call on everyone to be rational and calm. We must not blow on these embers», She underlined.

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