Covid-19: towards a return of the mandatory mask? The shock announcement of the Minister of Health

François Braun, the Minister of Health, spoke about wearing a mask. On the antenna of BFMTV this Sunday, December 4, he made an announcement that did not go unnoticed.

Since 2020, the French have been living with the successive waves of Covid-19. To eradicate the virus, confinements, curfews and barrier gestures have been put in place by the government. While the epidemic seemed to be over, will she finally making a comeback for the holiday season ? For several days, the government has been talking about its concern about the rise in cases and it seems that wearing a mask, which had been made compulsory before finally being removed, could make a comeback. Guest of the antenna of BFMTV this Sunday, December 4, it is François Braun who took the floor. He first advised “Very strongly” to the French to wear the mask in risky situations and public transport. Places where the crowd is present and the barrier gestures not necessarily respected. The Minister of Health then assured not to befavorable to coercion. I trust the Frenchbefore however declaring:My arm will not shake if it is necessary to decide on the obligation of the mask, the contaminations continue to increase“. For the moment, François Braun wishes “follow the situation day by day“before taking”decisions that will follow the evolution of the situation“. Will the mask become compulsory again very soon?

During this speech, François Braun also recalled the importance and the need to be vaccinated “for people over 60 and people at risk“, he first asserted. “Of these three epidemics, there are two (Covid-19 and the flu) for which we can protect ourselves and the most vulnerable“, he continued before declaring: “We know that if we don’t, we’re going to have problems, we’re going to have deaths, we’re going to have a saturation of our hospital“. A reminder that is important but not going to become an obligation.”We need to switch to more prevention. We won’t do it with a stick, hitting the French“, assured François Braun before adding: “We want to bring about a change of mentality“. Remarks which follow those made by Brigitte Autran, president of Covars. In the columns of the Journal du Dimanche, she mentioned the “need to move towards wearing a mask as much as possible in closed places, where there is significant promiscuity“, she said. If the government wishes to appeal to the responsibility of the François, Brigitte Autran indicates that it is a “extremely important bet. We are no longer in the health emergency law. But the reinforcement of the wearing of the mask is necessary“. Will the French be masked for Christmas?

Covid-19: what call did Elisabeth Borne make?

For several days, these are more than 50,000 cases which are recorded daily. A very important figure which suggests that the Covid-19 has made its return to the daily life of the French. If the government first calls for responsibility and vigilance, wearing a mask could become compulsory again very soon. This Wednesday, November 29, it was Elisabeth Borne who took the floor to appeal to all French people. “Helping our caregivers means being vigilant together and I make a solemn appeal: let’s respect the barrier gestures! We wear the mask as soon as we are with fragile people or in crowded areas, such as public transport“, she had first said during the session of questions to the government at the National Assembly. She then mentioned “small gestures that save lives, decisive for reversing the epidemic“. For now, wearing a mask is only an incentive and not an obligation.

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