Covid-19: up to 800,000 passes possibly disabled on Saturday for lack of booster dose

The Ministry of Health, however, pointed out that this figure was probably overestimated.

Up to 800,000 people who have not recalled their Covid-19 vaccine risk having their health pass deactivated on Saturday January 15, the deadline set in November by the government, according to the Ministry of Health.

As of January 9, “there are 800,000 people who still have to carry out their recall to keep their health pass,” said the ministry during a point with journalists on Tuesday January 11, stressing however that this figure was probably overestimated.

Upper bound

The doubt relates to people with a certificate of recovery from Covid dating back more than three months (this certificate being valid for six months).

“We are not immune to a good surprise and a figure which, in reality, is lower”

“We do not have the percentage of these people who have already made their recall,” explained the ministry, according to which the number of 800,000 is therefore “an upper limit”. “We are not immune to a good surprise and a figure which, in reality, is lower. And then we have the whole week to come for these people to make their recall on time, ”added the same source.

Seven months after the last injection

At the end of November, by opening the vaccine booster to all adults, the government announced that it would be necessary to extend the health pass (which will soon be replaced by a vaccination pass). In the absence of a reminder or certificate of reinstatement, the pass can be deactivated from January 15.

This does not mean that the recall must necessarily have been made before this date, which simply corresponds to the entry into force of the mechanism: from Saturday, the pass of these people will be deactivated if they have not had a dose. booster a maximum of seven months after the last injection.

For those over 65 and people with comorbidities, who had access to the booster as early as September, this deadline was December 15.

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