Covid-19: Véran calls on vulnerable people to get vaccinated again

Europe 1 with AFP

“The Covid is back “and our hospital and our health system are fragile”, Olivier Véran announced on Thursday. Faced with the increase in detected cases, the government spokesperson called on elderly or sick French people to call back of the vaccine against Covid-19, the latter deplores that “only 20% of them are up to date”.

Government spokesman Olivier Véran called on elderly or sick French people on Thursday to give a new reminder of the Covid-19 vaccine, deploring that “only 20%” of them are “up to date” in the midst of the epidemic resumption of Covid-19 and flu. “I am speaking to the French: if you are 60 years old and over, if you are a carrier of disease or if you are in daily contact with fragile or elderly people, get vaccinated against Covid if you are not up-to-date with your reminder”, declared the minister on RMC-BFMTV.

“It takes you 5 minutes and it will protect you, it will limit the risk of complications and hospitalization,” he added, referring to the delay for the second vaccination booster against Covid-19. “People who are young and who have been exposed or who have had (Covid-19), who have been vaccinated, keep stronger immunity than older people,” recalled the former Minister of Health.

“It weakens our hospital and our health system”

“We have a variant that circulates a lot, we have days with tens of thousands of contaminations, we have an increase of more than 20% in hospital activity in sheaves, linked to Covid, it weakens our hospital and our system of health”, insisted Olivier Véran.

As for the flu, “it is early, we do not know but it is not impossible that it is strong” and “we have 15% reduction in vaccinations” compared to 2021, “it is not normal “, he also regretted.

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