Covid-19: "We must anticipate a second wave this winter," says Jérôme Salomon, Director General of Health: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The deconfinement is accelerating. Like the rest of Europe, France is reopening its businesses, restaurateurs (especially in Île-de-France) are finding their establishments and the youngest are school benches. If the pandemic seems to be slowing down day by day, Jérôme Salomon warns the citizens. The one who throughout the confinement each evening gave the instructions to follow to limit the spread of the coronavirus, but also the assessment of the epidemic, was heard by the commission of inquiry on the management of the health crisis.

During his interview, the infectious disease doctor recalled: “Vigilance and caution must remain in place with the numerous trips made by holidaymakers. We absolutely must maintain respect for barrier gestures ”. While security measures remain essential in the fight against the Covid-19, he said: “We have to anticipate a rebound, even a second epidemic wave, this winter. Failure to prepare for a second wave would be a major mistake ”.

"We have always supported clinical trials"

If to date no treatment against the virus has been found, Jérôme Salomon estimated “that we should not be ashamed of our efforts to understand whether or not there is a benefit in using this molecule ”. "We have always supported clinical trials by saying that if there was a possibility of improving health (…), as soon as there was a therapeutic hypothesis, it should be supported. (…) there was European support, there was WHO support, there was French support for studies on hydroxychloroquine ”, he recalled.

As for the many controversies surrounding hydroxychloroquine whose effects against the coronavirus have been defended by Professor Didier Raoult, the public health specialist said: "I will not return to it".

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