Covid: in the northern districts of Marseille, we are trying to make up for the vaccination delay


While France is facing an epidemic rebound, to the point that the government now speaks openly of a “fifth wave”, vaccination is more than ever essential in an attempt to limit the increase in contamination. But when the campaign for the third dose begins, some have still not received their first injection against Covid-19. To make up for this delay, in the northern districts of Marseille, a public health association is in contact with those who have stayed away from the vaccination schedule.

That morning, the team from the SEPT association went to the home of Alberte, 83, for her very first injection. “Why were you late in getting your vaccinations?”, he is asked. “I don’t walk,” replies the octogenarian.

“A lot of wrong information”

Dr. HadiJi Slim is also on duty at a medical center in the neighborhood, where he faces the reluctance of residents. “There’s a lot of misinformation about vaccination, implantable chips, delusions that they’ve found on the internet,” he explains.

This is why the president of the association Santé Environnement Pour Tous, Yazid Attala, organizes door-to-door operations. “It’s clinch,” he describes. “We go to people, we discuss with them, we really try to look for them. Now, we are starting to catch up a little bit. We are on a vaccination reassembly”, he continues. “Currently, I think we must be around 45% of people vaccinated.”

A complicated vaccine delay to catch up

Example with Joumouyate, who comes to the association’s medical office. “I didn’t want to do it, as I heard a lot of rumours,” she admits. “But when the woman came knocking at my door this morning, I said ‘God sent you’. She explained it to me well, and I said ‘I’m with you’ .”

But these associative activists warn: they will not be able, on their own, to make up for all the vaccination delay accumulated in the northern districts.

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