Cozy fashion trend: V-neck cardigans are now in trend

Cozy fashion trend
V-neck cardigans are in trend now

A cardigan with a V-neck can be made particularly stylish through skilful layering, as seen here with Olivia Palermo.

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The cardigan with a V-neck is defining the winter look this year: This is how you get through the winter warm and stylish.

The cold season is slowly gaining a tighter grip on us. It’s time to pull out the cozy knitwear that not only keeps you warm but is also stylish. This winter is the V-neck cardigan an absolute must-have in every wardrobe.

Cardigan layering made easy

Cardigans have always been indispensable companions in the cooler months. But the V-neck cardigan stands out as a stylish alternative. The V-neck not only gives the look a modern touch, but also allows you to style the outfit in a variety of ways. For example, you can wear the cardigan without additional layers as long as the temperatures have not yet reached freezing levels. A cool and casual alternative to the classic shirt!

That’s not all: the real magic of the V-neck cardigan only unfolds through the art of layering. By cleverly combining different items of clothing, you not only give the look an extra dose of warmth, but also a lot of style.

This makes the cardigan with a V-neck a stylish winter piece

It’s easy to integrate a V-neck cardigan into your winter ensemble, for example by wearing it over a top with elegant lace. This layering gives the look a stylish touch. Perfect for days when the temperatures aren’t too frosty.

For those days when the cold really hits, layering with a thin turtleneck is a good idea. The V-neck cardigan becomes the ideal addition that not only keeps the neck warm but also adds an extra dimension to the outfit. Neutral colors create a classic look, while experiments with bold hues add a splash of color in the gray winter. A V-neck cardigan takes the winter look to a new level this year. It’s worth experimenting with different layering techniques, textures and colors.


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